Stuff Your Kitchen Has Been Missing

Kitchens are important to your health. And to your house. Without one, where would you keep all your cooking utensils? Where would you actually do your cooking (if you can even say you do with all the takeout you order)? It’s arguably one of the top 3 most important parts of your house, right up there with your bedroom and bathroom.

The thing is, a lot of people don’t treat it like the wonderful part of their house it is. The place where all of your food options exist is one to keep well stocked on groceries and cooking ingredients, of course, but it’s also where all of your tools to do your cooking are.

Now, while you may be aware that you need dishes to eat on (we’re sure hoping you knew this), there are a lot of tools that you’re missing out on in your kitchen.


Whether you admit it or not, writing things down on something seen daily helps keep you more organized and on track with things. By putting up a magnetic whiteboard on your fridge, you’re much more likely to do the tasks listed and actually go get the groceries written down right there in front of you.

Manual shredders.

Ever used a fork to shred chicken for a recipe? It’s the absolute worse. And your fingers do no better, despite the fact that it may seem like you’re more in control.

Enter the kitchen bear claws. These things act as extensions of your fingers while being better forks overall. You grip them like you would brass knuckles and then just start shredding away at your meat. It’s honestly an amazing tool that makes the few recipes you struggle with a lot, lot easier to handle.

The best part? They’re actually pretty cheap, even for having nice metal claws that can rip into the meat quite easily. Just know you should have a cutting board of sorts down beneath your meat when shredding, as these could likely tear up your counter.

Meat tenderizer.

Alright, so admittedly some people know they should have this, but when it comes to flattening or tenderizing your chicken, steak, or pork chops, there is absolutely no substitute to a meat tenderizer. Hammers or mallets are unclean since you use them for other parts of your house.

Note: It’s best to wrap your meat in saran wrap before pummelling it to keep it unharmed and in the best possible condition before you marinate/grill/broil/whatever it.


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